Useful Links

That Farmyard poppy!

That Farmyard poppy!

Here are some links to sites that I have some sort of connection to, or just admire and enjoy. Some may be familiar to you, others less so, but  I hope that you will find them interesting too. Enjoy....

one part of my other life!

"The Boy and the Bunnet" is still available in book and CD format!

my positively talented brother!

the excellent Glasgow-based photographer and printer

our very own Ross-Shire dance theatre company

cultural hub for the Highlands

fabulous organisation organising all things related to traditional music in Ross-Shire

TED talks are always inspiring - no matter what they are about!

a virtual guide relating to all things happening on the most glorious, gorgeous, special, Isle of Eigg!

some day I will go to Sweeney's Bothy on the Isle of Eigg and just paint for a week!